Ongoing Research Projects


The Internet and Society

The Digital Society Project (DSP) aims to answer some of the most important questions surrounding interactions between the internet and politics. The DSP dataset is the product of a global survey of hundreds of country and area experts, covering virtually all countries in the world from 2000 to 2018 It provides a set of 35 new indicators covering such topics as:

  • online censorship
  • polarization and politicization of social media
  • misinformation campaigns
  • coordinated information operations
  • foreign influence in and monitoring of domestic politics.


Largest database on democracy

The V-Dem Project offers the largest database on democracy with more than 400 indicators measuring issues such as media freedom, quality of elections and civil society activism. V-Dem works with more than 3,200 local experts to produce their data. I started working with the project back in 2013 as research assistant, then I was data manager for several years. Currently, I work as associated researcher for the project, in particular, I work with the policy outreach of the V-Dem Institute.


Local development

The Program on Governance and Local Development aims to explain variation in governance and local development in an effort to promote human welfare globally. It seeks to develop insights into the role of state and non-state actors, to consider the relationship between local level factors (e.g., poverty, gender relations, elite dynamics, etc.) and governance, and to provide policy-relevant findings based on scientifically rigorous research. I started worked with GLD in 2018 to field the 2019 survey in Malawi, and I am currently working on research projects using this rich data.